About us

Studio Dapelo assistenza giuslavoristica pareri in diritto del lavoro sindacale previdenziale genova milano torino About us

About us

Established in 1987, the Studio provides labour consulting services, taking care of all aspects of human resources management and administration and helping companies on every step of the way, from hiring to termination of all employment relationships.

It takes care of all aspects of its clients´ relationships with Institutions in the areas of labour and taxation, preparing and filling tax returns and reports of all kinds.

The Studio manages fixed terms contracts and various forms of insourcing.

It helps companies apply collective agreements, maintain relations with the civil service and trade union organisations and handle labour disputes, as well as taking care of labour aspects of restructuring operations.

Using advanced information technologies and drawing on the experience gained in almost 30 years in the business, the Studio offers administrative, management and consulting services responding to the requirements of national and international clients in a variety of different fields of business.